• You have done nothing but get better since you did work on me in 2008. I need to get money saved up to try and get back to Malta or you need to make a trip to Texas and see if we can meet up so I can get some more ink injected into this white skin of mine. I’ve had some stuff recently done, but they still don’t have your skill and eye of artist. Glad to see your still going strong Steve.

    - Todd Richmond 06 / 06 / 13

  • Hi Steve awsome job on my Wolf tattoo. You took my initial design and blew my mind with
    the result, A true artist that deserves respect. Excellent level of hygiene and putting your client at ease.
    Thanks man you are the Best !

    - Recent Client 01 / 03 / 13

  • My First tattoo done by Stephen Ritchie 28/06/12 love it

    - Kevin Gauci 28 / 06 / 12